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Here is what’s happening with Bonang’s tell-all book

Bonang Matheba.

Bonang Matheba.

Many would be content with half the success she’s achieved over the past few years; but despite all her accomplishments, Bonang shows no signs of slowing down and instead, keeps raising the bar.

We sat down with this beauty after she was announced as one of the brand ambassadors of Courvoisier. During our chat, she told us what her relationship with the French-cognac entails, divulged details about a new book she’ll be releasing this year, and shared her plans to conquer the African continent.


It’s an inspirational book, it’s about my journey and the lovely insight into my life

You’ve done just about everything in terms presenting. Are there any other avenues you’d like to explore in television and, if so, what are those?

You are right, I have done everything; I’ve hosted every award ceremony and I’ve walked every red carpet – I’ve been part of mostly everything. My biggest passion has always been the African continent and I’d like to conquer it. America also, but I think once you’ve conquered home then the rest is easy. Because then home lifts you up.

What does your relationship with French-cognac Courvoisier entail?

What I love about this marriage is that it’s a partnership, it’s not just me being the face and that’s it. They’re really are passionate about being part our projects and what we do. They’re involved from a business aspect in terms of my book coming out, my reality television show and the Bonang Matheba Bursary fund.


What makes this the perfect partnership?

The Bonang brand and Courvoisier have a lot of similarities: we’re both about celebrating moments we’re both very rich in history, and we’re both brands that are well respected. I want to introduce a new element and chapter in my life and I think this is a wonderful transition from who I was to who I’m becoming. This is a wonderful partnership, I’m turning 30 in June and this feels right and mature.


You mentioned that you’ll be releasing a book this year. Tell us a bit about that?

It’s an inspirational book, it’s about my journey and the lovely insight into my life. I’m sharing some moments that nobody has ever heard before and the decisions that I made, why I made those decisions and how I got to become the person that I am today. All of that is going to be included in my book. Because I’m a very private person there’re a lot of things that I share that people have never heard about my life, business and career before. So I’m very excited. It’s a wonderful and inspirational book and anybody that reads it whether they’re 16 or 66 years old, will really enjoy it.

Some of your other plans for this year?

I’ve got six other projects that are coming out this year. I’ll reveal those at a later stage, career-wise this is the biggest year of my life.

Final words?

I’m slaying and this is the year of the Queen. That’s what you need to dub it.

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