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WATCH: Golfer casually deals with alligator on course!

Cody Gribble is fearless when it comes to alligators. Photo: Screengrab.

Cody Gribble is fearless when it comes to alligators. Photo: Screengrab.

But the crazier thing about Texan Cody Gribble’s stunt is that he says he’s actually done this type of thing a few times before!

American golfer Cody Gribble stole the show in the first round of the Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill in Orlando but it certainly wasn’t for his golf.

The 26-year-old, who hails from Texas, shot a five-over-par 77 and puts him way out of contention.

Instead, Gribble had everyone gasping for the casual way he handled an alligator on the course.

The meaty reptile had crept out of a lake next to the sixth hole to escape the cold water and get some sun but Gribble was having no of it.

He calmly walked up to the alligator, flicked it on its tail and the reptile hurried back into the water.

Crazily enough, Gribble revealed it’s NOT the first time he’s done that.

“I’ve done it a couple times before,” Gribble told Golf Digest.

“If you think if that’s crazy, you should meet my father, Bill Gribble. Next time you see him, have an interview with him. He loves all types of animals, but, yeah.”

He also mentioned that he was never afraid of the stunt going wrong.

“I wasn’t too worried about it at the time. Those guys, I mean, it’s like a jolt, it’s quick, they’re not going to catch you, they’re not going to catch you a couple of steps down,” said Gribble.

“I mean, they’re going to get you really quick early, but I’m not in its way. I’m right behind him. It’s not going to happen.”

Contrary to popular perception, alligators are actually quite common in Texas.

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