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Twitter pokes fun at Norma Gigaba

Malusi and Norma Gigaba. Image: Instagram

Malusi and Norma Gigaba. Image: Instagram

Social media had a field day with Norma Gigaba’s interview with eNCA.

Norma Gigaba has become a laughing stock on social media after her interview with eNCA on Sunday, May 7. Norma Gigaba, wife of Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba, spoke to the news channel about her job, her ‘trophy wife ‘title, her husband’s new appointment and the current economic state of the country.

“He was frustrated. He was thinking about the rand. Me‚ I was so excited. I told him: baby‚ you will be fine. He was more worried about home affairs‚” she told eNCA.

“I told him the rand will drop, and it will go up. I told him I believe in him a lot. He’s such a fast learner, and he works hard.”

During the interview, she revealed that she met her husband through Instagram.

Norma’s interview proved to be hilarious for tweeps:









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