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Mugabe ‘should be home with grandkids’ as he is caught napping during WEF Africa

President Robert Mugabe napping at WEF Africa. Image: Twitter

President Robert Mugabe napping at WEF Africa. Image: Twitter

So bored or tired was Zimbabwe’s state leader that he took a nap.

President Robert Mugabe sneaked a nap during the WEF Africa, which has seen the continent’s heads of state and finance leaders descend upon Durban to discuss pertinent financial matters in the global context.

On Twitter @Pacnana02 said Mugabe, who is 93-years old, should be at home with his grandchildren.

Earlier on, Mugabe had spoken about Zimbabwe’s economy, stating it was one of the most developed country on the continent after South Africa. He confidently boasted of the country’s universities, which stand at 14 in number, adding that Zimbabwe had the highest literacy rate in Africa at 90%.

“Don’t talk of us as a fragile state from an economic point of view. Yes, we have our problems, but we have achieved a lot,” he told eNCA.


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