Eish! 3.5.2017 04:43 pm

Social media pokes fun at nyatsi video with married woman challenge



South Africa is too lit though! Just when we were getting over the nyatsi woman dilemma, the country has shown it has no chill and turned it into a social media challenge.

A woman in Mamelodi lost her mind when she caught her husband cheating with a ‘nyatsi’ on Freedom Day.

She climbed on top of the car bonnet, shouting for the side chick to get out of the car. The video of the man driving off with his wife on top of the car bonnet has been circulating social media.

Facebook users have now come up with a challenge called the #MamelodiMarriedWomanChallange.


WATCH: Chaos as wife ‘appears out of nowhere’, catches hubby with nyatsi


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