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Body of suicide victim found in backseat of car in Fourways

Image courtesy stock.xchnge

Image courtesy stock.xchnge

Police said he had some sort of chemical inside the vehicle with him that he had released.

A man who allegedly committed suicide has been found in the Fourways area of Johannesburg.

Douglasdale police spokesperson Captain Walter Spencer said the incident is believed to be a suicide, Fourways Review reported.

“The body was that of an older man who apparently committed suicide,” Spencer said.

“He had gone missing at about 9pm on the night of the 15th and had left a suicide note with his wife beforehand. He was discovered at about 9am on the morning of 16 May.”

Contrary to social media reports, the man was not found in the boot of the vehicle but rather in the backseat.

“He had some sort of chemical [inside the vehicle with him], which he released. The police have launched an inquest into the incident,” Spencer concluded.

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