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Gang steals 100 cellphones in armed robbery



This is the third cellphone store in the north Durban targeted in the last two months.

Police are looking for five men involved in the armed robbery of a cellphone store in uMhlanga, KwaZulu-Natal, Northglen News reports.

According to Captain Raymond Deokaran, spokesperson for the Durban North police: “More than 100 phones were taken in the robbery on Zenith Drive.”

“The gang, one of whom was armed with a pistol, stormed the store. They held up the staff and stole a large number of merchandise, we believe more than 100 phones were stolen in the robbery. The suspects were seen fleeing the scene in a white Audi and silver Mercedes Benz. We are still searching for the suspects who were last seen fleeing northbound. The staff were traumatised by the robbery and are receiving counselling,” he said.

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Video footage, which surfaced on Facebook, shows two vehicles matching the description of the suspect’s cars driving off at high-speed. Deokaran could not confirm whether one of the vehicles was stolen as stated on the Facebook post.

Mayhem at Emerald Casino during major armed robbery


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