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Pedestrian killed on Ontdekkers Road

The aftermath on Ontdekkers Road.

The aftermath on Ontdekkers Road.

The pedestrian sustained fatal head injuries.

A pedestrian has died this morning of May 17 on Ontdekkers Road, on the West Rand, after being hit by a light motor vehicle, Roodepoort Records reports.

According to Tjaart Steenkamp from Help24, the accident occurred at about 6am.

“It appears that the driver of the light motor vehicle was travelling on Ontdekkers Road towards Roodepoort. In front of the Princess Crossing Shopping Centre, the driver tried to swerve out to avoid hitting a pedestrian but was unsuccessful. He hit the pedestrian and collided with a lamppost on the opposite side of the road,” he said.

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The scene of the accident.

The scene of the accident.

He added that the pedestrian sustained multiple injuries, including serious head injuries.

“The emergency services attempted to resuscitate her for almost an hour, but she could not be revived. She was declared dead on the scene.”

The accident resulted in high traffic volumes, and motorists were urged to take alternative route, where possible.The cause of the accident is unknown, but authorities were on scene, and the incident will be investigated.


Two killed in two accidents within 15 minutes apart

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