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New VW Arteon will even pull over if driver is incapacitated  

With the use of sensors, the Arteon senses if the driver has become incapacitated and takes over.

As a replacement for the existing Volkswagen CC, folks at the German automaker say that the new Arteon will boast more driver assistance systems than any VW before, part of the systems will as per the manufacturer, is the tech that will let the car pull over by itself its driver becomes incapacitated.



“Through the fusion of four driver assistance systems, the Arteon possesses a form of technology that in many circumstances can help to prevent serious accidents: Emergency Assist 2,0,” VW said.

How it works

With the use of sensors, the Arteon senses if the driver has become incapacitated and takes over “within its technical system limits”, warning other road users and automatically steering to the nearside lane, where it stops.

The second-generation Emergency Assist merges adaptive cruise control, side assist, lane assist and park assist into one system.

According to Car Magazine, if sensors recognise that for a defined length of time the driver has used neither the accelerator, brake nor steering wheel, the system initiates what VW calls “systematic countermeasures”.



First, the driver is warned by acoustic, visual and physical (read, “brake jolt”) signals. If they fail to react, Emergency Assist activates the emergency stop process, with the hazard warning lights being automatically activated. In addition, VW says the Arteon “performs gentle steering manoeuvres to make drivers in nearby vehicles aware of the dangerous situation”.

There’s still no word if the Arteon will come to SA.

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